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Solve Unexpected Restart Problem Within Two minute

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Solve Unexpected Restart Problem Within Two minute

Unexpected restart is hassling me a guy massage me.So i am writing about auto restart problem to your PC(Personal Computer). This problem have face naturally in old computer, when your operating system is running for few month and some unwanted software made your setting changed.

Automatic restart make your computer unusable and you fails to open your operating system also. Some People try to solve it by using software like recovery software. but the actually you can solve it by changing
your system setting too.

Reason 1

Sometimes we face random restart like it ask you to restart your pc and if you permit to restart then it will restart . but it will occur again and again . so you will not allow this rude behaviour of your computer.

To recover your computer shutting down or restart problem you can follow some basic steps . Random restart occur naturally for hardware problem. The first thing you can check you power supply . Sometimes power supply fails to supply power properly. The wastage of power turn your pc restart. but if your power supply is OK , then you have to check your system fan which is known as cooling fan . Sometimes fan does not work properly because of connection problem or heavy dust or a cable entered in your fan. So you have to solve this kind of difficulties.

Notable Points are

a. Have to check power supply Properly .

b. If your power Supply is OK , then check the cooling fan.

c. Clear the dust and cables if entered in your cooling system.

Noted: if your PC is cool enough then you can overcome this kind of  restart problem eighty percent.

Reason 2
vacuam cleaner restart problem

But sometimes we face automatic restart . Actually it occur because of  your system configuration . As default setting its setting is when computer will find any hardware problem it will restart to fix the problem.
But sometimes the problem is not so big like this kind of small hardware problem will not do any big problem to your computer or your you have to uncheck this so that your pc does not restart.

For solving this Problem

a. Go to Control Panel

b. Open your System Window or system Properties dialog box

c. From system properties open advanced tab.

d. Then advanced system setting.

e. Click to setting button from startup and recovery.

f.  Uncheck the box "automatically restart".

Reason 3

Sometimes virus or malware problem can occur your PC restart. Your computer can be affected via internet connection or recently used device. So all time check storage devices before use like flash drives.

Reason 4

CMOS Battery is another reason for your PC restart . I told before that automatic restart occur when system find any hardware problem. When your CMOS Battery is damaged or unable to charge then you can face the problem.

So by changing CMOS battery you can slove it or follow reson 2 solution.

 Actually the personalization system of different operating system is different.
but you have to use this basic solution idea to solve this kind of problem.

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