Wednesday, 21 August 2013

5 Most Common PC Problem Repair Technique

5 most common PC problem repair technique

DLL missingA most common problem is missing DLL file warning. When this occur computer do some strange behavior like not shutting down properly. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) actually works for some specific function how they will work. Most often some software damage or how ever loses the DLL files. So your systems fails to read the DLL files when need actually. As a result you will receive a message that your certain program is missing DLL file. You can restore the DLL file from internet and your system will be ok.

Blue screen of death (BSoD)  is another most common problem for windows. When your system falls in serious problem or it can’t fix the problem systematically and it needs to stop his service then system face this problem.

·         Step to repair your BSoD problem

Application not being installed :  This is also another common problem to computer users. If occur because of space problem or documentation problem. Sometimes we never notice our space on hard drive or operating system drive. We try to use minimum space as lowest as possible. But when we got a software specially games nice , then we try to install it. Some games or software have documentation problem also.

·         Step to repair application  install problem

Application runs slowly :  software runs slowly because it does not exact matches to your computer and the system requirements not filled may be or there have operating system problem. But an important matter is RAM(Random Access Memory). RAM helps to run your program properly. So try to use actual size RAM what actually need in your computer.
Abnormal behavior problem : Sometimes we noticed that some unusual software installed in computer. But we do not know how it comes or some software is installed as a third party software when installed an important software. Maximum time we download or install some extension software from internet.

·         Step to solve abnormal behavior

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