Friday, 14 July 2017

Style Buz

Image gula boro hobe, and kono border rakar dorkar nai, plz check last image of this post.

Logo Image arektu upore utbe and right e onekta gap hobe


Icon gula aro boro hobe, parle ora j icon use korse oe gula e dia diyen


Image gula aro boro hobe, Image size ajker deal er size kora, but ekane size choto dekacche

Ajker deal e every div e halka kore shadow deya, ete kore buja jay, div ta ses hoise kun jaygay.


Desktop view e ekane gap thake, image size jai hok, eta jeno fill up hoye jay

Mobile View e Image gula border er upore ute gese and 400 cross er jaygay 4th image ta hobar kotha and price ta totally nicher tab e thakbe


Image 1tar sate arekta mise geche


Your Account ta ki default? eta khuje paina menu te


ae space gula aro kombe, jeno image gula ektu large mone hoy, kono border rakar dorkarnai image er sate, just image gular div e halka kore 1ta border ache ota thak.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Off Page Seo Factors - Manual Off Page Creation

Off Page SEO’s are the most important SEO factor for getting a site ranked. For getting traffic from frist day there is no alternative of off page seo. Search engine will sent traffic to your site  when your site will be ranked on search engine. So before getting rank for visitor you have to depend on off page seo. Here I am discussing about some off page seo technique.
online earning

Forum Link

Forums are the site where people go to discuss about something and if you also take part on discussion and reffer people to your site then they will visit your site and to search engine there are distinct value of forum traffic. If you get regular traffic from a forum , that means it will improve your seo quality also.

You can Search Forum by this Search Term:  Forum:Keyword

If you search for a keyword “Online Earning” then go to a search engine and search for a keyword in search box like.

Forum:online earning

Blog Commenting

Its really a nice way to get some traffic easily. For doing so you have to search in search eninge like as

Blog:keyword and if your keyword is “Online earning ” then search like below

Blog:online earning

The results will apear all blog sites. So you can put your links to coments and can get some easy traffic for your bolg site.

Social Bookmarking

Socaial Bookmarking is a way by which one can get traffic easily. If you search for social book marking list then you will get thousands of social bookmarking sites to link up your site. And you can search with the term
Social Bookmark: online earning

Directory submission

Its also a nice way to earn some traffic in offline seo way. You just can search for directory site related to your site and can submit your sites to them. When it will index your sites then you will get some useful backlinks and some traffics also from them.

Article sumbission

In this way you can sumbit some useful content with your link to article submission sites. So it will reffer some traffic to your site and you will get some easy traffic for your site.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Money Making Tips - Where Can We Work

Money making online is not a hard work, if someone try consistently then he can earn must from a website or from online easily. Maximum people think where can i start. my advise it to follow one site for earning from internet. No need to run here and there for money.

For money making tips one can follow online earning site what i follow most. For freelancing on marketplace or doing survey job you need to spend at least few month to be clear and earn from them. So as a newbie one should follow some helpful site.

For earning easy thing they can start with easy survey or PTC (Paid To Click ) job first. If they can earn some money from them then they should go for others. In start freelancing in big site it is really hard for newbie. So newbie should follow easy sites for earning. it will give them some cash and will help to learn the way of earning.

Making money will a game if someone can start earning from very fast. Than they will not be disappointed in online money making. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

4 Interesting Tips Which Will Make You Smart Computer User

Disk Defragment

Defragment tool is a default tool of windows and it’s been use for defragmenting or rearranges the data of your hard drives or flash drives also. If I tell in simple word that it will be when we use our computer, we make some changes, for what computer program face difficulties to find your command quickly. So it takes time to understand or find out your desired program. In a table if I keep my book in unordered then you have to face problem, to find the specific book quickly. So if you defragment your program randomly then your computer can find out it easily. You have to follow below steps to do defragmentation.

A.      Open “All Programs” from startup window.
B.      Click to “Accessories”.
C.      Then “System Tools”
D.      Open the “Disk Defragmenter”.

You will see your drive lists. Select a drive and click to “Defragment Disk”. System will do all process. Then select one by one drives and defragment it also.

Run command not appeared on my computer

Sometimes we face a problem that there is no run command on our computer, but you are using window XP, windows 7 or this kind of windows operating system. So for getting “Run” command to you startup window just follow this steps.

A.      Click to your “Right Button” to your mouse.
B.      Then “Properties”.
C.      Then click to “customize”.
D.      Then scroll down your mouse until you see “Run Command”.
E.       Check the box left to run command.

You will get the run command to your startup button.

Create Shortcut Run Command for Your Desired Program

Normally we use windows computer and it’s easy to operate. But some people are curious about black screen also. So you can create a run command to your desired program or important program. Like you want to hide your modem icon, so that someone cannot connect to internet from your PC. But it is also true if you delete your shortcut icon from your PC, then it will also hard for you to run the program easily. So you can create a shortcut command for you and delete the icon of software from your desktop and from startup window. So when anyone will seat to your PC, he will not get any icon to run the software, but you can run it by typing the short code from run prompt. For doing so you have to follow the below steps. 
A.      Rename the name of the software from your desktop icon. Just click one time to rename the software or right click to icon and select “rename”.
B.       After giving your desired word by renaming then you have to move it to “system32” folder of windows drive.
Note: your desired name will work as your run command.
C.      To open “System32” folder just follow this steps.
a.       Open your system drive (C :/).
b.      Then “windows”
c.       Then open “system32”
D.      Cut your renamed icon and paste it to “system32” folder.
E.       Then go to your run command prompt, enter your new command and your program will be opened.

Snipping Tool

It’s really a nice tool for windows user. Sometimes we need to take snapshot from documents or from other source. On that time we can do it using “Print Screen/SysRq” button form keyboard. But the limitation is you have to paste it on Photoshop and you will get full page snapshot.
But by using snipping tool you can take snapshot of specific area and no need help of any other software. For snipping something follow these steps.

a.       Click to startup button.
b.      Then “Accessories”.
c.       Then “Snipping Tool”.
d.      Drag selects your desired area to snip.
e.      Save it.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

5 Steps to Repair your DLL File Missing Problem

5 Steps to Fix DLL File Missing Error

It can be happen that your DLL file deleted accidently but as an important file you have to recover it however. Otherwise you will face difficulties. The difficulties are not high but somebody filled bored with this problem. DLL file missing problem occur naturally on windows operating systems like windows XP , windows vista, windows 7 , windows 8 etc.

There are multiple number of DLL file are in system. The extension of them are .DLL, so it is really tough to find out what DLL file is missed from your system. But you can follow several steps to fix your DLL missing problem.
monitor repair service
Step 1 : Try with  system recover. System Recovery is  a function by which you can turn your PC several weak back. Try to think on what specific day your computer was ok and there was no problem like DLL file  missing and restore your system to that date. It can be done by following this steps.

a.       Click to startup button
b.      All program
c.       Accessories
d.      System tools
e.      System recovery

Then recover your system to that date.

Step 2 :  Read your error message. Try to understand the requirement to fix your problem and you will get an idea that what DLL file have been missed. Download the specific file and try to restore it on the system specified folder.

Note: Never download all DLL files as package which will install to your system automatically. Because if your downloaded file be the latest version it may not work on your computer.

Step 3 : Sometimes virus attack on C: drive that is really harmful. Because of it we sometimes got some unusual files to our system drive and when we found unknown type file we just delete it. And DLL type file be delete without high warning. So if you delete it accidently and want to restore it. Then just go to recycle bin and restore .DLL type files.

Step 4 : Recovery software can help you to recover your DLL missing file. But actually you can do it if you are sure that you deleted it manually.  Maximum time DLL file deleted by being affected with virus or something else.

Step 5 :  Another awesome idea is reinstall your driver and hope you will able to fix your problem.

5 Most Common PC Problem Repair Technique

5 most common PC problem repair technique

DLL missingA most common problem is missing DLL file warning. When this occur computer do some strange behavior like not shutting down properly. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) actually works for some specific function how they will work. Most often some software damage or how ever loses the DLL files. So your systems fails to read the DLL files when need actually. As a result you will receive a message that your certain program is missing DLL file. You can restore the DLL file from internet and your system will be ok.

Blue screen of death (BSoD)  is another most common problem for windows. When your system falls in serious problem or it can’t fix the problem systematically and it needs to stop his service then system face this problem.

·         Step to repair your BSoD problem

Application not being installed :  This is also another common problem to computer users. If occur because of space problem or documentation problem. Sometimes we never notice our space on hard drive or operating system drive. We try to use minimum space as lowest as possible. But when we got a software specially games nice , then we try to install it. Some games or software have documentation problem also.

·         Step to repair application  install problem

Application runs slowly :  software runs slowly because it does not exact matches to your computer and the system requirements not filled may be or there have operating system problem. But an important matter is RAM(Random Access Memory). RAM helps to run your program properly. So try to use actual size RAM what actually need in your computer.
Abnormal behavior problem : Sometimes we noticed that some unusual software installed in computer. But we do not know how it comes or some software is installed as a third party software when installed an important software. Maximum time we download or install some extension software from internet.

·         Step to solve abnormal behavior

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

slow performance of serverMaximum people using PC (personal Computer ) have not enough knowledge how to fix common problems of computer. As a result they  suffer too much which actually unnecessary . Some common problems are rebooting the pc , slow performance , heat problem , keyboard and mouse problem and many more.
I surprised when I heard that a MBBS doctor does not know how to mail to someone. So I think I can share anything and I will found some people that they do not know the solution of the problem. So I am writing today about slow performance of computer.

Why a computer perform slowly

Computer is a combination of some hardware which is operated by a software which is known as OS (operating system). An operating system is also a combination of command and by which you can operate your system. So you just need to command what you wanna do . when you give a command operating system just follow your command . but operating system also have limitation to operate your command quickly . when it over or the command is not sufficient for your operating system then it perform slowly or your system do hang. So all about your system capacity .

How can you fix it easily

So you have to work all time within your capacity and operating system have some instruction to perform your system smoothly . some points are listed below

a.       Reboot your pc

b.      Uninstall heavy program from operating system drive

c.       Disk defragment

d.      Cleaning temp files

e.      Cleaning %temp% files

f.        Cleaning cookies files

g.       Cleaning prefetch files

h.      Use light desktop background image

i.         Keep clean your desktop

j.        Use minimum 20GB space to your operating system drive

k.       Use better size RAM for your PC

      5 most common PC problem repair technique

Note:  Reboot of PC can solve your problem for temporary but you have to follow other points must to keep your PC faster.  To remove temp , %temp% , recent , cookies, prefetch , go to run command and delete those files. Now a days people use minimum 500GB hard drive. So try to keep enough space on your operating system drive and in every drive you can keep minimum 300 to 600 MB space. Otherwise when you will work on that drive you can face slow performance. Corrupted hard  drive is also reason for slow performance. You have to fix bad sector problem in your computer to fix the slow performance.

This points Is for low configuration computer. Actually those people who use low configuration computer they face slow performance. So this steps can help you to perform your computer faster then before.