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11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

slow performance of serverMaximum people using PC (personal Computer ) have not enough knowledge how to fix common problems of computer. As a result they  suffer too much which actually unnecessary . Some common problems are rebooting the pc , slow performance , heat problem , keyboard and mouse problem and many more.
I surprised when I heard that a MBBS doctor does not know how to mail to someone. So I think I can share anything and I will found some people that they do not know the solution of the problem. So I am writing today about slow performance of computer.

Why a computer perform slowly

Computer is a combination of some hardware which is operated by a software which is known as OS (operating system). An operating system is also a combination of command and by which you can operate your system. So you just need to command what you wanna do . when you give a command operating system just follow your command . but operating system also have limitation to operate your command quickly . when it over or the command is not sufficient for your operating system then it perform slowly or your system do hang. So all about your system capacity .

How can you fix it easily

So you have to work all time within your capacity and operating system have some instruction to perform your system smoothly . some points are listed below

a.       Reboot your pc

b.      Uninstall heavy program from operating system drive

c.       Disk defragment

d.      Cleaning temp files

e.      Cleaning %temp% files

f.        Cleaning cookies files

g.       Cleaning prefetch files

h.      Use light desktop background image

i.         Keep clean your desktop

j.        Use minimum 20GB space to your operating system drive

k.       Use better size RAM for your PC

      5 most common PC problem repair technique

Note:  Reboot of PC can solve your problem for temporary but you have to follow other points must to keep your PC faster.  To remove temp , %temp% , recent , cookies, prefetch , go to run command and delete those files. Now a days people use minimum 500GB hard drive. So try to keep enough space on your operating system drive and in every drive you can keep minimum 300 to 600 MB space. Otherwise when you will work on that drive you can face slow performance. Corrupted hard  drive is also reason for slow performance. You have to fix bad sector problem in your computer to fix the slow performance.

This points Is for low configuration computer. Actually those people who use low configuration computer they face slow performance. So this steps can help you to perform your computer faster then before. 

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