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5 Steps to Repair your DLL File Missing Problem

5 Steps to Fix DLL File Missing Error

It can be happen that your DLL file deleted accidently but as an important file you have to recover it however. Otherwise you will face difficulties. The difficulties are not high but somebody filled bored with this problem. DLL file missing problem occur naturally on windows operating systems like windows XP , windows vista, windows 7 , windows 8 etc.

There are multiple number of DLL file are in system. The extension of them are .DLL, so it is really tough to find out what DLL file is missed from your system. But you can follow several steps to fix your DLL missing problem.
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Step 1 : Try with  system recover. System Recovery is  a function by which you can turn your PC several weak back. Try to think on what specific day your computer was ok and there was no problem like DLL file  missing and restore your system to that date. It can be done by following this steps.

a.       Click to startup button
b.      All program
c.       Accessories
d.      System tools
e.      System recovery

Then recover your system to that date.

Step 2 :  Read your error message. Try to understand the requirement to fix your problem and you will get an idea that what DLL file have been missed. Download the specific file and try to restore it on the system specified folder.

Note: Never download all DLL files as package which will install to your system automatically. Because if your downloaded file be the latest version it may not work on your computer.

Step 3 : Sometimes virus attack on C: drive that is really harmful. Because of it we sometimes got some unusual files to our system drive and when we found unknown type file we just delete it. And DLL type file be delete without high warning. So if you delete it accidently and want to restore it. Then just go to recycle bin and restore .DLL type files.

Step 4 : Recovery software can help you to recover your DLL missing file. But actually you can do it if you are sure that you deleted it manually.  Maximum time DLL file deleted by being affected with virus or something else.

Step 5 :  Another awesome idea is reinstall your driver and hope you will able to fix your problem.

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